At MUC the health and welfare of people, the safety of plants and the protection of the environment are key corporate objectives.

These objectives govern our relationship with our employees, customers, partners, sub-contractors, vendors and all others parties directly or indirectly involved with us. We ensure that our work environment, services and plants, strictly comply with the currently applicable legal requirements and the highest HSE standards.

This goal is pursued in every sphere of our operations and during all phases of project execution, including engineering, procurement and site activities.

We pursue our commitment to world-class HSE standards by:

Setting objectives and targets for continuous improvement; measuring and reviewing the Company’s performance; providing specific education and training; and promoting a culture that is aligned with the HSE policy.

We have assigned the responsibility, authority and organizational freedom to implement and maintain the HSE Management System, and ensure that all concerned parties jointly work towards achieving the stated performance targets.


Mutlaa United Company strives to be the recognized as the provider of outstanding quality in all its markets.

To achieve this objective, the Company shall:

Deliver quality products and services that meet and exceed the needs and expectations of the customers at a cost that represents value; adopt a pro-active approach instead of the traditional reactive approach to issues that may arise; and strive for excellence through a sustained effort for continuous quality improvement.

We fully committed to the implementation of all managerial and operational systems in order to realize the Company’s quality objectives. All necessary resources required to maintain the delivery of products and services at the desired quality level with be always provided.

We undertake a periodic review of the quality objectives and policies and the Company continues to ensure that its quality policy is well understood at all levels of the organization.

Complete customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal of the Mutlaa United Company.